Trying to improve the way we communicate and experience the world through musical and sonic expression.

I am Max Micozzi Svendsen: Composer, Music Producer and Sound Designer for Brands, Film & Media.

My pursuit of a career in the Sonic world can probably be traced back to the day that, for historical reasons, I had to give up my plans to become a Musketeer at the service of King Louis XIII.

Through my passion for music, I became a guitarist, performed live with many bands and released various records. I learned how to capture, polish, shape, transform, embellish and destroy sound.

I discovered the full power of music and made it my life’s mission to improve the way we communicate and experience the world through musical and sonic expression.

With tailored sounds I help Brands and creators telling their stories within a unique and intimate experience.

Music is one of the most powerful means of communication and thanks to Audio Branding, Marketing and Music Psychology studies, every day, I can give my best to help my clients inspire and connect people.

During my career as a Music Composer and Sound Designer I’ve won a Film Music Award and had the pleasure and honour to work with Brands like Bontoni, Red Bull, Hugo Boss, Mercedes, Bosch and Telekom.


Outside of the working environment, I still drown myself in music whenever I get the chance.

Reading is my second passion. Thrillers and Crime Novels, but also magazines and textbooks.

Great coffee, good food and beautiful wine can always lift my spirits. I enjoy watching TV shows and movies with the excuse that I have to analyse its Music and Sound Design.

Moreover, I produce downtempo music under the alias Maguera. Lastly, I was born in Bremen from Italian mother and Danish father. I grew up in Italy, and I’ve been living in Berlin for almost a decade.

Since traveling back in time to Paris of the 17th century wasn’t an option, serving King Louis didn’t become a reality, but I am very fortunate and grateful to have realised a dream in 21st century Berlin.

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