Audio Branding


The Audioframework is a tailor-made Audio Branding strategy for your business that smoothly integrates with your branding and marketing plan. With a set of original sonic elements, guidelines, and tactics, you will maximize your marketing efforts, save time, communicate more clearly and easily adapt your sonic presence to different scenarios.
Having a unique soundscape will strengthen your Brand’s identity, making you more memorable and help you differentiate yourself from your competition.

The Audioframework will provide you with all the tools for creating a unique and intimate brand experience, gaining more customers and connecting deeper with your audience and team. It is crafted around your Brand´s aesthetics and values.

Easy to use, timeless and adaptive, it is built to make you smooth, efficient and unique.




Elevate above the competition
Inspire your audience
Be a friend to your team


Seamlessly integrate sound in your marketing and branding strategy


Easily adapt your sound to any situation or channel, while maintaining brand equity.


Deliver clear brand messages,
strengthen your Brand’s Identity, empower your media presence and advertising


Build trust, create strong and intimate bonds with existing and potential customers.


Be modern and charismatic.
Engage with your audiences, charm them and make them part of your story.


The Audioframework includes:

  • Brand Music
  • Music Framework (defines core instrumentation, genre, style, vibe and other music-related elements that reflect the personality of your brand, your team, and your customers)
  • Sound Design Framework (includes all sonic elements that represent your brand: i.e. sound of your products, workspace sounds)
  • Audio Branding Elements (i.e. Audio Logo, Music on Hold and other key touchpoints)

  • Sound Tactics based on your existing marketing strategy (i.e. Social media, events, visual and radio advertising, playlist and podcast targeting)
  • Competitive analysis
  • Detailed and simple to use guidelines defining admissible genres, instrumentation, moods, tempo, harmonies, melodies for various situations.
  • Audio DON’Ts (i.e. genres, instrumentation, Voice-overs inconsistent with the brand’s message)
  • Regional AFs (tactics, instrumentations, genre, variations based on regional preferences and differences)
  • Internal AF (sound and acoustic in workspaces, employees guidelines, activities)
  • Smart Assistants (i.e. Alexa, Google), Website, in-app Sounds and Voice
  • Music Profiles (Brand, Team, Customers)
  • Brand’s music playlists 
  • In-store music playlist
  • Handbook (Digital and Hardcover format)


The Audioframework combined with the Brand Music Closet will make sure that your Sound will always be consistent and relevant to your Brand, without ever having to worry again about music- and audio-related decisions. You will break through the clutter and stand out, drive impressions for your Brand, reach new customers, and deliver your message on an emotional level to your audiences.

Brand Music Closet


Dress your Brand with custom-made Music only.


Have a consistent and versatile sonic presence in unison with your Brand’s personality.


Smoothly generate new Music on the fly for all your marketing channels.


Experiment, transform and evolve your Sound while strengthening your Brand’s identity


Save time and plan ahead for every channel or event: Instagram stories, social media videos, tutorials, brand videos, podcasts, conferences, fairs and more.


Wear your signature SOUND everywhere

The Brand Music Closet (BMC) is a collection of custom created tracks and Musical Items for Brands, Ad and Media Agencies meant to accommodate all your video and branded content needs. Besides original tracks, the BMC includes Musical Items, which are 10 to 30-second audio loops that work as building blocks for your tracks. By swapping, adding or removing these blocks, you can quickly change the sound for your media depending on your needs and different marketing scenarios.

The power of this library resides in the ability to work quickly, efficiently, to variate the music style for your media, while keeping a consistent sound that enhances recall and connects deeper with the audience.
Your team won‘t have to waste countless hours on royalty-free music sites anymore. You will have a great variety of custom music at your disposal that is relevant, but differentiated. You will improve the communication on all your channels while saving time and working in a more agile and structured way. The same way you adapt your visual media or your tone on different channels, thanks to the BMC you will also effortlessly follow your brand’s guidelines with your sound.

The BMC contains various drawers. Think of the drawers as unique Soundscapes in a specific music style or mood. Items from a drawer can be mixed with items from other drawers creating a completely brand new Style. Drawers include a variety of Musical Items divided into 6 groups: 1) Rhythmic A 2) Rhythmic B 3) Bass 4) Melodic A 5) Melodic B 6) SFX. The “SFX” group is made of transitional elements that will help you create smooth passages between different parts or great-sounding endings with just a few clicks. Each group includes multiple loops that can be freely mixed with any other loop within that drawer. 

Thanks to its versatility, the BMC allows you to target your audience in a relevant and specific way. You can communicate different moods, highlight specific qualities or messages, take a problem solution approach where the music follows the storyline of your Media. The possibilities are immense and with a minimal effort on your side. 

You can quickly create many musical variations to fit:

  • Social Media Ads
  • Social Media Videos
  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Brand Films
  • Background Music for Youtube Videos
  • Jingle purposes
  • Ads on genre, activity and mood specific playlists on streaming services like Spotify
  • Ads on Podcasts you know your audience is listening to
  • Tutorials
  • Product Showcases
  • Podcast intros and outros
  • Music conferences
  • Trade shows
  • and more.


For Brands

This custom Music Library can be composed and built around your Audioframework guidelines and is therefore perfectly tuned with your Brand Identity. Alternatively, it can be created following your Brand’s personality and needs.
The Musical Items are interchangeable giving you all the freedom to choose the best combination.

For Agencies & Creatives

The Brand Music Closet is also an ideal solution for Media Agencies who produce content for a variety of Brands. Every drawer (soundscape) can be developed to fit a specific Brand ensuring a coherent sonic presence across all channels. Alternatively, the drawers can be created based on formats (i.e. social media ads), music style, demographics,  industry (i.e. fashion, tech, automotive), moods and more.

The BMC libraries come in different sizes to fit different needs.

All libraries include:

  • Pre-assembled unique tracks in a length of your choosing (10s, 15s, 30s, 45s, 60s, 90s) i.e. BMC London 7 tracks
  • x number of Drawers (soundscapes)
  • x number of Musical Items (loops)
  • Musical Items (loops) Compatibility sheet
  • Software to mix, match and assemble tracks
  • Video and PDF „How to assemble“ tutorial
  • Implementation support


3 unique tracks + variations

  • 1 Drawer (Soundscape)
  • Implentation support

7 unique tracks + variations

  • Up to 3 Drawers
  • Implentation support

15 unique tracks + variations

  • Up to 5 Drawers
  • Implentation support

from 20 tracks + variations

  • Implentation support


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