Max Micozzi Svendsen

Sound Design | Music | Audio Branding

Trying to improve the way we communicate and experience the world through musical and sonic expression.

I am Max: I create bespoke music and sound design for brands and media, and provide audio branding services.

My pursuit of a career in the sonic world can probably be traced back to the day that, for historical reasons, I had to give up my plans to become a musketeer at the service of King Louis XIII.

Through my passion for music, I became a guitarist, performed live with many bands and released various records. I learned how to capture, polish, shape, transform, embellish and destroy sound.

With tailored sounds, I help brands and creators telling their stories within a unique and intimate experience, and I give my very best to help my clients inspire and connect people.

During my career as a music composer and sound designer I’ve won a Film Music Award and had the pleasure and honour to collaborate with brands like AdidasRed Bull, Hugo Boss, Mercedes and Nike. Also, I’ve worked on over 60 audio branding projects and composed more than 30 audio logos.

Lastly, I produce Downtempo music under the alias Maguera.

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